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We only purchase cards in NM/M or lightly played condition. Please don't try to sell or trade us moderate to damaged condition cards, we will not buy them. If your interested in selling us cards from MTG, Yugioh, or Pokemon, Please give us a call at 520-296-5512 and we can let you know what we're buying at the moment.


We do currently have a on-going buylist for MTG singles in our shop. It is replaced every Monday with updated pricing. Most cards on this list are Standard and Modern. We are currently buying at 35% and offering an Additional 15% on top of that for store trade-ins on cards. Store Credit spends just like cash and can be used for anything in the shop. There are some limitations of Store Credit and those can be inquired about in the shop from any of our employees.


We are currently looking for following types of Pokemon Singles in Light or N/M Condition:

1st Edition Base Set Foil Singles (Mainly Charizard and Trainer Named Pokemon)

EX and GX Full Art Foil Pokemon

EX and GX Full Art Foil Trainer Cards


There is no garauntee that we will purchase any singles that are brought in. We only look to purchase what we know we can sell. We use Ebay sold listings and market values to determine how much cards are going for. We try not to buy too many collections. Please make sure to have anythign you bring in orderly and not a mess. The more we have to sift through the least likely we will purcgase singles.