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We only purchase cards in NM/M Condition or lightly played. Please don't try to sell or trade us moderate to damaged condition cards, we will not buy them.


Pokemon Singles:

What we aren't buying:

1. We are currently not buying any pokemon collections, only singles.

2. We are not buying unlimited set non-holo cards.

3. We are not buying basic energies or trainers

4. We are not buying any cards that are moderate or worse condition.


What we are looking for:

1st Edition Base Set Foil Cards

Gold Star Pokemon Cards

Basic and Mega EX cards

GX Cards


Currently buying in demand Legacy/Modern/Standard Magic: The Gathering cards

We buy at 50% of TCG low and offer an additional 20% Store Credit.

Please see our in store buylist that is updated weekly for our most desired cards




Yugioh Singles:


Maiden With Eyes of Blue

Sage With Eyes of Blue


Magic Singles: