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2023 Upper Deck Marvel Allegiance: Avengers vs X-Men Hobby Box

2023 Upper Deck Marvel Allegiance: Avengers vs X-Men Hobby Box


Product Breakdown: 90 Card Chapters Set and 90 Card Base Set Collect colorful Base Set Parallels! - Rainbow, Red Rainbow & Blue Rainbow

Numbered Base Set Parallels Include: - Green Reality - Orange Power - Purple Cosmic - X-Men - Avengers - Cosmic - #'d 1-of-1

Search for Chapters Set Autographs and Printing Plates!

New lenticular insert & foiled cards! Find Collision Events lenticular inserts - including short prints of the X-Babies and A-Babies Gather Protectors of Utopia and To Save the Earth deco foil cards Look for classic Spectromatic History triangular pattern rainbow foil board cards: - Red - Blue - Green - Orange - Purple

Grab retro style Turning Point Hologram cards

Thematic Inserts: - Cosmic Covers - A Cosmic Journey - Story of Hope Summers
1-of-1 Original Art Sketch Cards! - Look for Sketch Cards hand-drawn by talented artists!

Box Hits: - [1] Base Set: Red, Green & Purple parallel or Chapters Set Rainbow Card - [1] Serial #'d Parallel Card - [6] Ratio'd Inserts

Chase Hits: - Original Art Sketch Cards - 1-of-1 Base Set Cosmic Parallel - Comic Cuts - Comic Cut Booklets - Clipping Autograph Booklets - Printing Plates

Configuration: 16 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack

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